Friday, May 13, 2011


Sorry, blogger was down for a few days so I couldn't get this up and running!

Wednesday May 11th 6:30 Hapnot (review Dances)
8:00 To LIFE !!!

Thursday May 12th 6:30 Hapnot
Chava Dance and Perchik & Hodel
Cheryl will not be there but I'm assuming you know what you're doing
and I'd like to see where it's at

Friday May 13th 6:30 Hapnot
Lucky or Not We're rehearsing TO LIFE until the Dance is secure

Saturday May 14th NO REHEARSAL - Relax and recharge your batteries
before the final onslaught!

Sunday May 15th 1pm Flin Flon Community Hall
FULL COMPANY - Bring a snack and a book or something to occupy your time.

1. Chorus this will be the last time to rehearse anything you're uncertain
We will rehearse all chorus'
2. SETS & Props rehearsal - Scene to Scene
We want to rehearse moving the sets in time with the music or lack thereof
while we still have a calm moment
We want to see whether we have all the props that we need.
This will take a little bit of patience on everyone's part so it will
unfortunately be a little boring at times but we need you there and we need
to give Katy and crew the time they need to figure this out.

Monday May 16th Tim Back in Town, Peter in town, Motel not in town - ACT

Tuesday May 17th - Crystal will be in WPG that evening. Peter will be
running the rehearsal. He will touch up on some scenes in Act one
especially trying to get a handle on the Destruction Scene following the
Wedding. He will also rehearse the BOWS

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